Noble M3

Noble continues to push the boundaries of sound reproduction with the Noble M3.  The Noble M3 features a hybrid design utilizing a 10mm dynamic driver and a new driver system we refer to as an Active Balanced Magnetic ("ABM") driver.  The ABM driver sits on top of the dynamic bass driver and has two magnets with a magnetic film that is actively balanced between the two magnets.  Since the ABM driver does not utilize a voice coil, there is less mass to move than a dynamic driver, resulting in quicker response times than a dynamic driver, and a greater dynamic range than a balanced armature driver.  All M3s are hand crafted by the Wizard, resulting in one-of-a-kind faceplates, but also very low volume production numbers.  M3's are rare and highly sought after IEMs, with most being sold before they are made.   


  • 10mm dynamic bass driver;
  • ABM driver for mids and highs;
  • ergonomic design that "locks" into most ears and sits flush with the ear;
  • beautiful hand crafted face plates;
  • Noble's luxurious and supple 8 core OCC cable with premium terrminations, 3.5mm plug and 0.78mm pins.