In Closing, the Savant is an amazing feat of engineering. With its 2 driver (shhhh) design and what I would consider great value in its price range, it's a no brainer for those out there looking for a new, detailed but musical IEM to get lost in music with. The Savant is a fantastic choice…. Provided you are not a basshead. I am a basshead. HOWEVER, I am also open minded and I am currently saving my pennies to buy myself a pair. I have never been a believer of single role headphone/iems. I have always opted for the allrounder, and for many the Savant my be that allrounder. For me it is just SO GOOD at acoustic music that I feel I need it in my collection.Read Full

Wyd4 | Savant

I did have a NuForce Primo 8 in-ear, which I also praised for its neutrality last year, but with my Aphex Twin and Amon Tobin electronica albums the Savant was clearly more detailed and spatially larger. The Primo 8 is no slouch, but it loses texture, dynamic contrasts, and the subtle, ambient details that the Savant effortlessly revealed in the mixes. Sorry to repeat myself, but the Savant is just significantly clearer than other comparably priced headphones.Read Full

Steve Guttenberg (CNET) | Savant

Experiences were good , but perhaps a longer burn-in would unravel the demo unit's standard of clarity . Overall sound was really good for the price , having to decide between the w60 and ie800 again , I would still go for the slightly different Noble Savant , because until now , it's all praises , until I find something to criticize it .Read Full

potatoe94 | Savant

In closing, I am very pleased with my purchase and the sonic experience I had from the Noble Audio Wizard Savant! I must add that the Savant having only two balanced armatures inside each earpiece is a definitive testament to the less is more approach winning! One does not need four to twelve drivers in each earpiece to have a neutrally transparent yet musical experience from an i.e.m. Masterful tuning and a sonically pleasing experience is awaiting you for a reasonable price in the Noble Audio Savant i.e.m.Read Full

musiclvr | Savant

This is a great IEM, sound quality is great and I'm very impressed with it. I never feel like I want to buy an IEM, but because of the Savant, I now feel like I want to, in fact I feel like I'm gonna make either the Savant or The K10 CIEM version as my final headphone, nowadays the price of other TOTL headphones is just crazy, I feel like for that amount of money any kind of compromise is unacceptable, with the selection from Noble IEM I can get a very portable listening device with a superb performance that will satisfy my music needs without feeling after purchase guilt after buying a crazy expensive headphone that is impossible to take where I go.Read Full

emptymt | Savant

The Savants are an amazing IEM, but like any headphone or earphone they are not necessarily for everyone. The Savants remind me very much of the Sennheiser HD800s (although perhaps with a touch less bass). Like the HD800s, the Savants can provide a window into the music and recording quality that is exciting to hear, but sometimes they can also become a bit fatiguing and leave me wishing for something a bit warmer and forgiving.Read Full

Loquah | Savant

Doing this comparison not only showed how the Savant can outperform an excellent IEM such as the Stagediver 2 but also convinced me how accurate the manufacturer's description is. Noble has once again impressed me with their masterful tuning and I hope they continue to bring forth ear pleasing products that many will enjoy.Read Full

d marc0 | Savant

I can't really agree to say that Savant are just a baby K10, and the best thing you can do is to try them both to find out which one you like better instead of jump on the flagship just because it is the flagship. I'm sure a lot of people will prefer the Savant over the K10U. The K10U, warmer, are brilliant doing well on every kind of music, and every recording, with astonish technicality. But, the Savant will shine with its very involving sound, speed, and coherency while being slightly less all-rounder than the K10. Now for the price asking for the universal Savant, those are a crazy great value, which can compete with some of the best multi BA based IEM in the market. Great job Noble!Read Full

Marshal Banana | Savant

I am sold. I haven't tried that much IEMs compare to full size headphones, so I probably not the best person to review them, however this is the best sounding IEM for me, the most comfortable as well! In the past i have owned T-Peos Altone 200 and JVC FX-700, which sounds and feel good as well, but they're not as good as the Savant. This is the first time i listened to IEM and didn't miss my full size headphones. This is the first time i put an IEM and don't feel annoyed by the fittings. Well done Noble, this one is a winner and a keeper.Read Full

daduy | Savant

The sound signature is very similar to the K10. The level of detail and clarity for a IEM of this value is simply astounding. The instrument separation is very good and is a joy to listen to an orchestra. For me the Savant shined the most when listening to classical music. The modern albums such as Taylor Swift's 1989 sounded good but not as good as my AKG K3003i or JH Audio Layla. Sometimes it was feeling bit clinical maybe due to the higher emphasis treble. Overall, the sound is very clean and if you have bad mp3 recordings they will start to show up very clearly.Read Full

piksnz | Savant

Now here brings me back to the meaning of Savant. I really don't know which aspect of the earphone they were referring to. The Savant handles nearly every part in the sound department with ease. With the correct source pairing the detail retrieval goes to reference levels, shy of analytical. The Savants are also extremely dynamic and coherent in the way it presents every sound element. Everything just feels effortless. The tuning is done with great care to keep everything balanced and just right. To me this this kind of sound signature is nearly perfect in timbre.Read Full

DJScope | Savant

I fell in love with default signature of the Savant from first listen it's almost like it was designed for my particular tastes. The mid-range is very clear, very clean (and quick), and very vivid. In many ways it reminds me of my old B2, or maybe even a more vivid Shure SE425, but with a far better tuned upper end. With both of those earphones, the mid-range was exquisite, but the bass rolled off early, and that is kind of what I'm hearing bit with the Savant.Read Full

Brooko | Savant

I seriously love this IEM, and I think Noble has a huge winner in their hands. The Wizard nailed the tuning with the Savant and I know it will please many many people not just me. In addition, the Savant doesn't sacrifice musicality by any means for a neutral and detailed sound. I don't know how the Wizard did it, but he accomplished both with the Savant and seriously nailed it.Read Full

Cotnijoe | Savant

At only $599 for the plain-Jane universal variant, the Savant is very much a middle-of-the-road Noble model in terms of pricing. But considering its impeccably balanced signature, excellent detail and separation, pristine presentation, and astonishing clarity, I am more apt to declare it as Noble’s flagship from a sonic standpoint. For me, and those who favor balance like myself, the Savant is an instant classic and an indispensable reference.Read Full

warrenpchi | Savant

The Savant sounded good with the aforementioned genres. Initially, I felt that its versatility was also its weakness. It handled all the genres well but didn't seem to shine particularly with any specific ones. However, when I started to listen to Jazz and orchestral music, the Savant was phenomenal. Especially so for the former. It is the best IEM I have heard to date for Jazz music.Read Full

uchihaitachi | Savant

My taste in music is eclectic, to put it mildly. Within the space of an hour I can jump from Beethoven to The Prodigy to Rammstein to Ben Howard. For the past two years, the K10 has been The One for me. It could do everything and do it well, so I rarely bothered carrying other headphones. But then came the Savant… And while the K10 is still my top pick for a do-it-all headphone, the Savant has become my IEM of choice for music like Daughter, Ben Howard, Agnes Obel, Keith Jarrett and Fink. For me, they're the perfect sidekick to the K10 but if your music tastes revolve around piano, acoustic guitar, strings, woodwinds and well-recorded vocals, the Savant could very well be The One, a Superhero in its own right.Read Full

Sorensiim | Savant

The Savant's definitely aren't going to compete on the same level as the K10s and other top of the line IEMs technically, in terms of extension, staging, resolution, the Savant still falls a tad short. But we cannot deny that it is masterfully tuned, and I guess for those of us who aren't looking for the last word in resolution, but instead, looking for something well tuned (and I must add that this is often the hardest thing to get right), the savants are probably going to nail it for us. At the price point, I believe they do pretty well and you wouldn't be too far off if you decide to get them.Read Full

WCDchee | Savant