This is my new reference IEM, it may not be a CIEM but it is one of the best reference sounding IEMs or headphone I have had a chance to live with and fall in love with. I think that even for 700 dollars it is still worth getting, it is a unique experinece that everyone has to try at least once IMO. It is a desktop IEM and a protable IEM in one. This is definitely going to be something I recommend to people looking for a universal/custom reference IEM.Read Full

shiorisekine | Noble PR

For $699 (USD), the PR isn't a cheap IEM, but it's very well priced for the levels of performance on offer. That said, it's not going to be for everyone. This isn't a full-range IEM in my opinion and that will limit its abilities to create an enjoyable and immersive listening experience on some genres. There's no doubt that it completely nails its brief to be a detail monster while still maintaining a sense of musicality and enjoyment (i.e. it doesn't fall into the super-bright treble = detail trap), but I believe it is more of an analytical listening tool than a musical enjoyment device. Of course, that might just be a matter of taste so others might love all the detail and find that to be their doorway to musical enjoyment. If so, this IEM is a cracker and I'd highly recommend it! For those who want a more balanced (i.e. with natural levels of bass) presentation, don't discount the Noble products, but look at some of their other beautiful options rather than the PR.Read Full

Lachlan Fennen | Noble PR

So is the Noble PR a true 'Reference' monitor? In my personal experience, YES and it comes in two flavours. I find the Noble Reference sound signature to be my ideal preference when I want to focus on the vocals in the music. Ballads, A Cappella, and Country are the perfect examples of genres that'll really shine with the Noble Reference. As for the Noble Pure sound signature, this mode is the perfect solution whenever I want to hear the most detail from a song regardless of the genre. I applaud the level of the clarity, detail, and transparency that Noble was able to attain with the Noble Pure.Read Full

d marc0 | Noble PR