The 8C is a stellar performer. These are very capable ciems, with an incredible bass response, beautiful mids and surprisingly good highs, considering their warm signature. They remind me of the Sennheiser HD650. The HD650 were at their time lauded headphones, but some considered them as veiled. I wouldn't call the 8Cs veiled though, but they share with them the same "romantic" flavor, with smooth highs and impactful bass.Read Full

John0405 | Noble 8C

The Noble 8C has a unique sound signature, with a thick, lush midrange and an impactful low-end. It has wide genre-bandwidth is well-suited for EDM, R&B, rock, and pop (especially pop vocals). Jazz and classical can also be enjoyable, but the 8C will not give the most 'realistic' presentation for these genres. The treble of the 8C may be a deciding factor for some, those willing to trade a bright and airy presentation for a smooth, lush sound would do well to check out the 8C. The 8C also serves as a great custom for travelers, with a fatigue-free and enjoyable, euphonic sound.Read Full

kmn140 | Noble 8C

What's new here? This time around the presentation is more balanced, less tilted towards being warm and smooth. It's still smooth but the top end has more bite, more air, more presence from the vocal range on up. This means singers take a more forward stance in the mix, and things like brass or guitar also come through more prominently. It still has that huge soundstage which is among the most expansive I've yet heard from a custom in-ear monitor.Read Full

Project86 | Noble 8C