The N6 is a musical and detailed earphone with plenty bass. They provide a powerful sound with smooth yet extended upper frequency response. The meaty midbass and lower midrange will give your music a dynamic boost. The relaxed upper frequencies provide a complementary and fatigue free listening experience.Read Full

Hisoundfi | Noble 6

The folks at Noble are very upfront about the 4 being the champion of neutrality and the 6, with its two extra drivers, being the bassier, more musical option. The 6 is indeed significantly bassier than my 4S unit, improving also on one of the few things I found short of outstanding with the quad-driver Noble bass depth.Read Full

ljokerl | Noble 6

Let's make no mistakes here; the N6 is a powerhouse of a design that is heavenly suited to lovers of a smooth, creamy, warming, voluptuous sonic signature. Particularly rich around the sub, low, and low midrange, the N6 exhibits a yesteryear tone, but with all of the dynamic range that you would expect from modern driver designs. We have to remember that if your music taste or consumption reflects or compliments an IEM that is slightly bass prominent, then you will certainly love the N6.Read Full

The Pro Audio Web Blog | Noble 6

Refinement, resolution, imaging, and musical transparency (the ability of an iem to vanish, putting the listener directly in the music) are my criteria for calling an iem top tier, and the N6 delivers in spades. I'm especially stricken by how detailed it is, even with the fatigue-free signature. The imaging is also great. I'm a whore for great vocals, and the N6 blows me away in some tracks. My favorite iems for vocals are the ASG-2, TG334, and the Senn IE800, but the N6 is trying to be the D'Artagnan of the group.Read Full

eke2k6 | Noble 6