If you're looking for a Balanced Armature-only earphone that satisfies your basshead cravings, I have heard nothing better. The competition in the high end Balanced Armature Basshead market is fairly slim, so these might stay on top of the heap for some time to come.Read Full

Luckbad | Noble 5

If Noble made all their products with a similar signature then I'd be a little concerned. But they don't—others in the line are the V-shaped 3C and the neutral 4C. As such I think the 5C fills a somewhat underrepresented niche among higher-end custom IEMs. If the JH16pro won't scratch your impact itch, the Noble 5C may be your last hope.Read Full

InnerFidelity | Noble 5

The flagship 5S has a lot to offer; transparency, expansive sound staging, and an entertaining low end make for unique experience in ocean of options. Its overall organic feel only further complements its acute responsiveness and timing. If you are in the market for a custom IEM the 5S definitely something that you should check out. If you are market for a silicone IEM, the 5S should be at the very top of a very short list. Noble's past experience in the market really shows its maturity with this product. Even though it it's one of the companies launch day IEMs, the 5S sounds like a skilled veteran in your ear.Read Full

Audio-Head.com | Noble 5