I was expecting the 4C to sound way harsher and fatiguing in order to stay neutral as a lot of other products I've tried, but at the end they achieved to be really neutral and at the same time musical, and at the end I think they could be a wonderful add the collection of any audiophile looking to enjoy his library in a neutral nonetheless enjoyable way. But if you've got the chance to listen to some, let yourself pass over the not wowing first experience and I really think you'll enjoy those a lot over time if you're a clarity lover.Read Full

peather | Noble 4

Noble Audio's 4S CIEM it is at once accurate and transparent, yet engaging and easy to enjoy. Over time, the 4S has become the go-to reference I turn to when I want to know how a recording really sounds; but it is also the CIEM I look for when I want to immerse myself fully in my favorite music. What could be a stronger recommendation than that?Read Full

Chris Martens | Noble 4

As I spent time with the Noble 4 it started to remind me of my Zu Druid V speakers. They share an immediacy that brings back more of live music's presence. Acoustic guitars sound natural on the Noble 4, and cymbals and percussion instruments shimmer and sparkle as they do in real life. Audiophile CDs from MA Recordings amply demonstrate the Noble 4's performance lead over the competition -- there's a tactile, you-can-almost-touch-the-instruments aspect to the sound. After wearing the Noble 4 for a while, other headphones sound thick and congested.Read Full

Steve Guttenberg (CNET) | Noble 4

The Noble 4U is a very neutral IEM, impressively so, no area feels emphasised, they don't sound bassy, bright, or overly midrange-focused. The entire frequency range has immense clarity and ability to create an open, spacious feeling to the sides, in front and even above you. Dynamics are very natural and orchestral material can sound very lifelike and 3-dimensional, both in how the room extends out, and how the instruments will jump out at you when called for. Surface texture can be aggressive when called for thanks to good attack and decay, making metal and other music satisfyingly aggressive sounding.Read Full

Airlight | Noble 4

The strength of this earphone in this area is definitely contributed by the lack of any emphasis in area. You'll notice that this is generally what I'm going to say in every frequency region. There's nothing in the sound that adds to the dynamics of a song and brings those instruments in and makes them more audibly present. This helps with both separation and space. Layers of instruments aren't blended together even with similar frequency signatures. Orchestral sections are so well separated and placed that it makes conducting seem like an easy task to do blindfolded.Read Full

morethansense | Noble 4

After reviewing an enslaught of sibilant IEMs lately (which I am personally sensitive to) these are a real treat. They are just crisp enough to retrieve details that dynamic drivers often struggle with, but not so bright that it becomes painful. IEM manufactures: Listen up. This is how highs need to be done.Read Full

White Lotus | Noble 4

Previously, I had heard this at the Melbourne meet briefly and I was extremely impressed with its sound. From what I remember, it was neutral, very balanced and well extended. The N4 isn't the type of IEM that will stun you when you first listen to it like the DN-1000 does, but instead, you need some time to fully appreciate it. Over the few days that I have had it, I've really grown to like the N4 and to be honest, I can't really fault it anywhere.Read Full

lin0003 | Noble 4

So is the Noble 4 a true 'Reference' monitor? I honestly can't say... What I can say however, is that I can't find any significant flaw in its sound and presentation. There is a slight forwardness in the upper midrange/lower treble but I personally find it an advantage as it brings more clarity and detail without sounding too analytical. In other words, in spite its superb transparency and resolution, the Noble 4 still retains musicality and makes you enjoy listening to music provided that your source file is of high quality not just in terms of compression but mix/mastering as well.Read Full

d marc0 | Noble 4

I'll have more thoughts later.. but so far, it's a terrific phone. As far as neutrality is concerned, it's better than any universal I've heard... I find it more impressive than some of my faves like the GR07, BA200, RE-400, RE272, RE262, etc. I like it more than F111 that I got to audition not so long ago, as well. For the BF price, I feel like I got a steal.. even at the regular price now, I'm hard pressed to think of anything better. It would take a mighty impressive IEM to split ear time with the JH13 & UERM.. and the N4 is worthy of the challenge. Congrats to Noble Audio, the N4 is a very finely crafted IEM!Read Full

FlySweep | Noble 4

The Noble 4S is a neutral-sounding monitor that is, on the whole, more balanced than the other reference customs I have here. Its ultra-smooth, slightly mid-focused sound invokes impressions of a cross between Etymotic Research and HiFiMan universals and makes it a direct upgrade to certain other custom-fit sets, such as the Clear Tune Monitors CT-200 and Lime Ears LE3.Read Full

ljokerl | Noble 4

While the absolute detail retrieval may be second to much more expensive, top-tier ciems, the 4C really nails giving you a window-on-the-music sort of accurate sound. It sounds as if nothing has been added to your music and nothing taken away.Read Full

Kunlun | Noble 4

The main change from 4.A to 4C seems to be detail. Where the 4.A was slightly on the forgiving side at times, the 4C is more ravishingly detailed. By that I mean it comes across as having more sparkle, more 'bite', in those upper registers. Just like the JH13, this results in a more exciting, involving presentation which really grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Note that this is not to be confused with 'brightness', which is not a word I'd choose to describe the 4C at all.Read Full

Project86 | Noble 4

Lyden... Første indtryk var slemt, men jeg har enten ikke kunne få proppet dem godt nok ind, eller også var det blot lidt tilspilning der manglede. Nu er det langt bedre end jeg nogensinde kunne have forstillet mig fra noget så småt. Virkelig klar og lækker lyd med super lydisolering. Hvis man er til rock, kunne man måske have lyst til at vælge den mere bastunge udgave, med flere enheder i.Read Full

pof | Noble 4