Basically, if you like listening to all genres of music, get the Noble 3Us. They fit excellently, sound incredibly good, and are just gems. I hope this review helped give insight into the Noble 3s, since they seem to have few reviews for whatever reason. I am very glad I took the plunge though, it was well worth it.Read Full

WhatToChoose | Noble 3

I'm glad to have taken the plunge on these headphones. I am still getting in touch with everything they have to offer, and at this point I would rate them over the ie80 in technical abilities. I think Noble has created another winner here and a competitive universal in-ear monitor at its price-point. $50 less and this IEM would viciously compete with others in the same range. This is one to consider for those searching for a mostly-neutral IEM with brilliant clarity and striking imaging qualities along with a focus on highs on lows without the dreaded mid-recession. As far as balanced armatures are concerned, I can't imagine a better entry for myself.Read Full

MrNick | Noble 3

Well I've had a few days to listen to my 3C's now. Everything about them has blown me away - the design, the fit, and the sound! I honestly thought I wasn't going to get anything close to the natural, spacious sound of a nice set of open cans... boy was I wrong. I love the deep extension on the low end, and the crystal-clear highs. Everything is so well balanced, and the sound stage is really great. In some ways I find the sound stage to be superior to my full size headphones.Read Full

Baldoak | Noble 3