These are the best-sounding in-ear headphones I’ve ever heard. They’re the sort of headphones that make you want to listen to every piece of music you can find, just because you’ve never heard any of it sound so good before. Listening to Sammy Davis Jr singing “Mr Bojangles” on Live From Australia, I desperately wanted to pour a whisky, light a cigar and sit on musty red velvet. Music can be so magical when it’s communicated well.Read Full

Simon Osborne-Walker (Trusted Reviews) | Kaiser 10, Kaiser 10U

Noble created a marvelous thing that I adore. This is without a doubt the pinnacle of portability and I’ve yet to experience anything superior in the iem world as a whole. Yes, a few models out there might best it in one area or another, but the final tallied score considered at the end of the game…the K10 is literally the best portability experience available. Great job, Noble.Read Full

marcusd | Kaiser 10

All in all though, the K10 is really a mightily impressive earphone, among the very best in my opinion. It is not cheap, that is for sure, but should you decide to get it, you are truly in for a treat.Read Full

WCDchee | Kaiser 10

Well the sound is even more amazing then the K10s are to look at! Everything I had read about the Noble Kaiser 10 CIEMs is true. No matter what music genre I threw at them the sound was perfect. Jazz and classical had instruments with various sounds that I had never heard before. Vocals were crisp and balanced with the instruments. I am not someone who has ever done a review with the technical words for IEMs so I will leave that to the professionals. What I can say is that I have never enjoyed my music nearly as much as I do now that I have my K10s. Music is just that much more fun to listen to. I have other IEMs that are more analytic in hearing distinct instruments and vocals and if I am focusing I certainly have clarity with my K10s. But mostly I just close my eyes and hear all there is to hear in whatever I am listening to and I am enjoying the music. That is perhaps why I feel my K10 CIEMs are the perfect IEM.Read Full

wofsie | Kaiser 10

All in all though, the K10 is really a mightily impressive earphone, among the very best in my opinion. It is not cheap, that is for sure, but should you decide to get it, you are truly in for a treat.Read Full

WCDchee | Kaiser 10

By way of summing up, let me concede in advance that the Kaiser 10s won’t suit every taste (and, truth to tell, I initially wondered if they would suit my own). The K10 might not be the CIEM of choice for in-studio monitoring applications (where the emphasis is more on knowing the exact contents of a given recording than on enjoying the music at hand). But for purposes of relaxing and listening for pure enjoyment, allowing oneself to become complete caught up in the complex, intoxicating beauty of music, Noble Audio’s Kaiser 10 is very tough to beat.Read Full

Chris Martens (Hi-Fi+) | Kaiser 10

Given my preferences and my tools, the best of the set was the Noble Kaiser K-10. It just tickled my fancy a bit harder than the other two, lined up best with my expectations — and then exceeded them by more than a little. That’s worthy of an Editor’s Choice award.Read Full

Scot Hull (Part-Time Audiophile) | Kaiser 10

This is an earphone that is so perfectly balanced in it’s sound and design / build that it truly disappears and leaves you with nothing but the music and a smile. Not lacking in anything and not showcasing anything, the K10 really is the zen master of CIEMs and “just is” as it honestly and accurately conveys every sound, every nuance, and every emotion of the music without judgement and without opinion. While other earphones might strip away the bass to show you more details, or emphasise the mids to create more emotions, the K10 lets each track speak for itself and it has the full range of frequencies covered so skillfully that it convey whatever message the artist was trying to convey. Thunderous power through to fragile delicacy, the K10s have it covered, but not altered.Read Full

Lachlan Fennen | Kaiser 10

I’d pick the Kaiser 10 as my favorite CIEM any day. I own very many CIEMs of varying tastes and styles but the K10 is my clear favorite when I just want to listen to something on the road, or in the office, or anywhere really. I’ll heartily recommend it to anyone willing to have one of the best all-arounder CIEMs out there. The only difficulty with this is actually trying to listen to something else after you’ve heard the K10s. At least that’s how I see it. I still switch amongst my other IEMs but my K10 is always with me and I don’t see myself getting tired of them anytime soon.Read Full

VisceriousZERO | Kaiser 10

Of all my in-ear monitors—scratch that, of all my headphones in general—the Kaiser 10 is the one I find myself reaching for most often these days; for portable use but also for dedicated listening at home.Read Full

InnerFidelity | Kaiser 10

To anyone on the fence about the K10s, I offer the wise counsel of one of America’s most distinguished heroes, David Lee Roth: Go Ahead and Jump. You will not be disappointed. The sound is exactly what you want, where you want it. Of course, maybe I’ll lose a K10 in another tragic jeep mishap one day and be proven wrong by the next great thing, but until then, I firmly believe the K10s are as perfect as possible.Read Full

EllisU | Kaiser 10

And, by God, finding an earphone that sounds better across a broad range of music, may well be impossible. It may be impossible to find a better earphone.Read Full

Nathan | Kaiser 10

These CIEM's cost 1600 USD! I was initially hesitant to buy them, but in the end they are completely worth it. If you are new to high end audio, as I was, the K10's will introduce you to a whole new way of your enjoying music. I've had the K10's since February, and my enthusiasm is still as strong as the day they arrived at my door.Read Full

Headiest | Kaiser 10

Anyway, I've had these things for a couple of weeks now and I adore them. I can listen for hours on end without fatigue and they sound amazing with well recorded and mixed material. Some folks have mentioned the low end is tight but not maybe for bassheads. Well I really like a good extended bass and I'm hearing the same woof on a well mic'd kick drum that I hear on a pair of big Augsperger studio monitors, though I might not be getting it in the chest. The low end is great and I couldn't imagine wanting any more. The high mids are very smooth without that harsh 4kHz bite that keeps you from cranking a lot of IEMs. If I could nail it down, I'd say I'm getting that extended low end and a smooth over 12K high end, that I haven't heard yet on other IEM's. As others have said - they are kind of expensive - but these are the first IEMs that I look forward to putting in my ears and listening.Read Full

Rich Nevens | Kaiser 10

It’s all these points that really make the K10 very enjoyable to listen. They aren’t what you would attribute a fun sounding CIEM as they lean towards being slightly neutral. Most likely, this is why I wasn’t wowed at the very start. However, after using the K10s for close to 5 months, you really start to appreciate the way these sound. Switching away from these to say, an 8A, a pair of UM3X+3 or, the Tzar 350s, there would always be something missing from my music that makes me yearn for the K10, be it its controlled bass or its ever so spacious midrange.Read Full

Thracian | Kaiser 10

What else can I say... Whenever I listen to the K10's, they just sound right. They make me smile every time. I can count on them to do everything I ask. Tons of bass and punch when watching movies; tons of detail and speed when listening to music. They are certainly what I take with me on the go. OK, if I could only have one headphone/in-ear, I would have to keep my beloved Stax-009's, but we're talking about a $10,000 system. In any situation where I can't have my Stax, the K10's fit the bill perfectly. I am always "blown away" when I am on a plane with my K10's running Out Of Your Head on my laptop watching a movie. Having such huge 7.1 surround sound and bass impact on a plane makes me feel guilty that the other passengers can't hear what I am hearing!Read Full

darinf | Kaiser 10

As for sound, these sound like nothing else I have ever heard. Particularly the highs are very, very good. They are bright and sparkly and revealing, well extended but never, ever harsh or sibilant. The bass is amazing, I swear you can feel it in your chest (for example, even watching movies unamped out of an iPad it has movie theater like bass). Mids are incredible as well, vocals are so well incorporated and where recordings are used with oversampling, doubling, or even where there are just multiple vocalists each layer can be clearly discerned.Read Full

Ultimate Mango | Kaiser 10

Versatility is the name of the game, the K10s will pleasantly reproduce any recording you throw at them. With that said, it is very much so advantageous to feed them with a high quality sound source. I tend to only listen to ALAC files, through an HRT Microstreamer fed through Amarra, or through my iPhone 5s whilst on the go.Read Full

nicoritschel | Kaiser 10

暖かくも全帯域で過不足なく音を届けてくれる、非常に高品位なサウンドがKAISER 10で楽しめる。非常に生々しくオーディオ機器然としたサウンドを叩きだすので、プレイヤーにも高品質なサウンドを求めたくなるという、悩ましい逸品だ。「過激な色付けをなくし、あくまで実直なオーディオ再生機を追求した結果、10ドライバーのKAISER 10に辿り着いた」と考えれば、素直にうなずけ全て合点がいく。やっぱりWIZARD氏は天才だ。Read Full

Tetsuya Karasumaru (BARKS) | Kaiser 10

Speaking of which, I have the Kaiser 10 on hand, and so far I'm very impressed. Not only is it the most beautifully built cIEM I've ever owned, but it has a very cohesive and effortless sound across the spectrum. It's refined and exquisitely controlled, which is crucial for U-shaped signatures, and to that end I find I can listen to it for hours on end which is pretty unusual for me when it comes to that kind of "fun" tonal balance. Definitely a new favorite.Read Full

MuppetFace | Kaiser 10

The sound is, simply, amazing. The bass is impactful with plenty of quality in the sub-bass region, the mids are right there where they should be front and center, and the treble extends up to the sky and beyond. I would say that no one particular area is emphasized or out of place. It's unbelievable how coherent the sound is from 10 drivers in each ear. Everything is in its place and there, without any area stepping on or trampling the other areas. If I wasn't hearing this for myself, I honestly wouldn't believe how good everything sounds and just perfectly comes together. I'm sitting here listening to Rilo Kiley and just have a ridiculous, stupid grin plastered on my face. I think I'm in love.Read Full

sq3rjick | Kaiser 10

The Kaiser 10 really defines what a flagship should be as an all-around excellent custom fit earphone with a versatile tuning that sounds great with a very wide range of music. A great deal of care went into every aspect of this earphone and it really shows. When it comes to having the total package, not only sound but customer service and appearance that’s a work of art, look no further than new Noble Audio Kaiser 10.Read Full

Kunlun | Kaiser 10

These are immensely versatile headphones - The shortest description I can give would be “Dr. Moulton’s Greatest Hits”. It’s like he took the best parts of all his other designs and somehow poured them into one headphone. Sadly, this brings us to the only downside to these things: They’ll cost you almost as much as all those other headphones combined, clocking in at a cool $1600.Read Full

Sorensiim | Kaiser 10