Noble FR & PR, Wizard IEMs

March 20, 2014 | Posted in Press Release

For the first time, audiophiles and industry professionals can seamlessly switch between two IEM configurations each with their own dedicated crossover network without missing a beat. The result is an effortless experience that affords enthusiasts the ability to readily enjoy more than one interpretation of their music and professionals the ability to make more informed decisions on the fly.

Both the “full-range reference” Noble FR and “pure reference” Noble PR feature a discrete switch on the left and right faceplates. No additional tools are required and users can safely switch between configurations while their music plays. Furthermore, sustained use of the industry standard 2-pin socket configuration means that a countless number of aftermarket cables are already compatible.

The Noble FR and Noble PR are priced at $699 including shipping worldwide and will be available for immediate shipment in the next few days.

For an additional $275, the R configuration present in both the FR and PR can also be added to the 3C, 4C, and 5C acrylic CIEMs starting immediately.

As purveyors of the world’s finest CIEMs, we thought it would only be appropriate to also craft the world’s finest universal IEMs. Produced in extremely limited quantities due to constraints on his time, Wizard IEMs are meticulously handcrafted by the man himself. Each Wizard IEM is unique and is sold on an “as is” basis. In other words, Wizard IEMs are not made to order. What you see is what you get and once its gone, its gone.

The first lot of Wizard IEMs will be made available at the same time as the FR and PR.

The entire team here at Noble would like to thank the community and everyone who has shown us support during the last six months. It has been a lot of fun thus far and we are making the necessary steps to ensure we can continue to provide the Noble experience our listeners have come to enjoy.

Long live Noble!

Photos posted on Head-Fi can be viewed here.