November 15, 2016 | Posted in Press Release

(Santa Barbara, CA)

Noble Audio proudly introduces Kaiser Encore, the latest premier piece to stand in their luxurious line of in-earphones. A direct replacement to Noble’s award-winning Kaiser 10U, Kaiser Encore introduces all proprietary Noble drivers to the 10 armature driver configuration and a cosmetic re-design - enclosed in a precision machined aluminium housing.

Noble’s Kaiser Encore retains the musical essence of the Kaiser 10U, while building an additional layer of clarity on top of the remarkably transparent sound. With a reputation for crafting instruments tailored to every music-listening preference, Noble Audio is no stranger to setting a premium standard in the audio-accessory market. The Kaiser Encore establishes a larger soundstage and presentation with more accurate imaging and spatial representation, resulting in yet another engaging in-ear masterpiece from Noble Audio.

Noble Audio also announces the launch of Sage, a new two-driver in-earphone in replacement to its predecessor, Savant. Now featuring all proprietary drivers and a relocation of the bass vent, Sage, enables an increase in aperture, resulting in an extended low-end response with more texture and a lift in overall bass response. Following in the footsteps of Savant, the new Sage model remains perhaps the most subjectively balanced in-ear monitor while introducing a more refined and capable sound. Sage caters to a large variety of music genres with greater imaging accuracy and enhanced special representation.