Introducing EDC Velvet

November 16, 2017 | Posted in Press Release

Noble Audio, leading universal and bespoke in-ear monitor (IEM) brand recognized for exceptional design and superior sound debuts The Noble Velvet and EDC series with introductory pricing during their 72 hour Pre-Black Friday event which runs from 12:00AM PST, Friday November 17th through Sunday, November 19th 2017.

As the premiere model in the new Noble EDC Series, The Noble EDC Velvet, boasts a 5.8 mm dynamic driver and precision machined aluminum housings resulting in superior sound for a price previously unheard of to the Noble Audio brand. The Noble EDC Velvet follows the success of previous luxury universal models in the brand’s extensive IEM portfolio, featuring the same aesthetic, sensibility and acoustic properties in a more traditional earphone format.

Crafted for the astute commuter and traveler who appreciate brilliant sound, each Noble EDC Velvet is packaged in a solid Noble round case with a satin black and smoke transparent finish providing a durable protective housing that caters to a seamless listening experience on the go. To accommodate a variety of users, the Noble EDC Velvet and each following model in the Noble EDC line incorporate two complete sets of ear tips.