IEM Update (no bad news here)

December 20, 2013 | Posted in Update

We are going to begin shipping out IEMs today (Friday) and will continue to do so Monday/Tuesday of next week as needed. First deliveries will also occur during this time frame, most likely US based customers because of distance but UPS may work wonders internationally. Expect to receive an automated email from UPS with tracking information, I will not be personally emailing everyone individually with tracking info (simply too many orders). If you have provided specific instructions to hold/delay shipping your order due to travel plans, but still receive tracking info, this is because a shipping manifest has been created. It does not mean your order is in transit, just that we have prepared it to be shipped out per request.

Thanks very much to everyone who purchased IEMs during and after Black Friday. We recognize that these purchases were made in good faith and we are very much looking forward to delivering the goods as we intended.