noble \no-bull\

1 belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status; aristocratic
2 having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals

• of imposing or magnificent size or appearance
• of excellent or superior quality.

The first definition is all well and good, but the second one pretty much sums it up. Here at Noble, we craft some of the finest universal-fit and custom-fit in-ear monitors available today.

Our Team

  • John Moulton Au.D. CCC-AWizard, President/Co-Founder

    Dr. John Moulton (a.k.a. Wizard) is an audiologist by training and an audio enthusiast at heart. In other words, due to his extensive training, John knows a thing or two about sound, the ear and how humans hear. While John's knowledge comes in handy when designing in-ear monitors, like any true master he is always learning and refining his skills.

    Dr. John has been working with custom in-ear monitors for nearly a decade now and is the President of Noble. Beyond presiding over Noble, John is also the creative and artistic force behind the brand.

  • NancyThe Duchess

    Nancy is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the labs in which all Noble CIEMs are crafted. She has worked with John for a number of years and is a familiar name to those who have worked with us before.

  • Echo | Debutante (Deb)

    Working alongside Nancy, Echo is the CIEM team's resident legal and shipping expert. Ultimately, she makes sure things come and go without any problems.

  • Kaiser Soze

    That’s right, Kaiser Soze isn’t a ruthless crime boss. Rather, he is a fiend behind the microscope and a devil with a soldering iron. Kaiser turns out gorgeous pieces of art and Noble is lucky to have him.

  • d.B. Cooper

    Working in tandem with Kaiser, D.B. crafts some of the most beautiful CIEMs known to man. Amazingly, he does this all with one eye as he uses his other to stay alert for authorities still trying to nab him.

  • Rico Suave

    Rico Suave for all intents and purposes is the following: good looking, muscular, gun shot survivor, member of the military special forces unit, totally cool toward everyone and everything, very clean and neat in appearance. A man who is 100% man; almost every lady is attracted to him because of his great charismatic ability, and when need be, he can be a real bad guy to mess with. Sleeping with his Oakley cycling glasses and jewelry on, he is a ladies man, enjoying fast tuk tuks, hot women, and hustling used car parts. The son of a textile mogul, Rico Suave is what every man wants to be, but 99.7% of men never live up to.

  • D-MAX

    Built like a Mack Truck, D-MAX is Thai but is often confused for being of Polynesian descent, possibly Samoan. Weighing in at a cool 300 pounds, he operates the microscope remotely with chopsticks as his hands are too large. Despite his immense size and statutre, D is hard working and has a heart of gold.