Offering universal-fit and bespoke custom-fit in-ear monitors, Noble is revered internationally for its design aesthetic, craftsmanship, and exceptional sound quality.

Kaiser Encore

Kaiser Encore is the successor to Noble’s previous award-winning flagship IEM, the Kaiser 10 (K10).

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Kaiser Encore Brass Limited Edition

The Encore retains the musical essence of the K10 and features a retooled midrange that provides additional clarity and more accurate tonal balance while still integrating seamlessly with the rest of the audio spectrum. Improvements in midrange response contribute to a larger soundstage and presentation compared to the K10 with more precise imaging and superior spatial representation.

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Noble M3

Noble continues to push the boundaries of sound reproduction with the Noble M3.  The Noble M3 features a hybrid design utilizing a 10mm dynamic driver and a new driver system we refer to as an Active Balanced Magnetic ("ABM") driver.  The ABM driver sits on top of the dynamic bass driver and has two magnets with a magnetic film that is actively balanced between the two magnets.  Since the ABM driver does not utilize a voice coil, there is less mass to move than a dynamic driver, resulting in quicker response times than a dynamic driver, and a greater dynamic range than a balanced armature driver.  All M3s are hand crafted by the Wizard, resulting in one-of-a-kind faceplates, but also very low volume production numbers.  M3's are rare and highly sought after IEMs, with most being sold before they are even produced.

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Tux 5

The Tux 5 features a hybrid design with a 10mm dynamic driver for clean powerful bass and sub-bass, two balanced armature drivers for mid-low frequencies, and two balanced armature drivers for mid-high frequencies.  The Tux 5 delivers flagship level sound, truly deserving of the Wizard's signature.  The Tux 5 bears a black and white theme, which includes its premium 8 Core OCC cable which is decked out with a Tuxedo black and white jacket.

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Considered by many to have the perfect combination of balance, artistic beauty, and sharpness in its cutting edge, the Katana sword is by all accounts a precision instrument. As a tribute to the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the finest examples, Wizard’s latest design bears the name Katana.

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Prestige Reshell

If you have a universal series Noble IEM, and you'd like to have it reshelled to a Prestige shell, we can do that.

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Prestige Universal

Your favorite IEM in a Prestige shell.  The Prestige series is truly the pinnacle of functional art, incorporating exotic materials with hand craftsmanship and artistry.  Prestige pieces are made to order, and you may choose between Noble's award winning Khan, Encore, or Katana IEMs for Prestige treatment.

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The King of Kings

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Award-winning sound meets creative aluminum design

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"Over time, the 4S has become the go-to reference I turn to when I want to know how a recording really sounds; but it is also the CIEM I look for when I want to immerse myself fully in my favorite music. What could be a stronger recommendation than that?"

"The most remarkable thing about the K10U is just how clean, seamless and extended it sounds. Packing 10 drivers into the small confines of an in-ear monitor is no mean feat but getting them to integrate so as it sounds as though you are hearing one point source is equally as impressive."


Bespoke in-ear monitors made-to-order, a true intersection of art and function

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