IEM and CIEM User Guide

IEM and CIEM User Guide



User Guide

• Do not use your IEMs at excessively loud/high volumes
• Always make sure that the source or component driving the IEMs is at its lowest volume setting before plugging in your IEMs for listening
• Do not expose your IEMs to excessive heat (balanced-armature drivers are heat-sensitive components)
• Do not expose your IEMs to excessive amounts of moisture
• Do not fully submerge your IEMs in water or any other liquid
• Remove your IEMs immediately if they cause discomfort
• Do not let anyone attempt to use your CIEMs
• When not in use, store your IEMs in a cool, dry, and safe place (ideally a dry box)

Cleaning Guide

• To clean the outside of your IEMs, wipe down the surface with an antiseptic wipe
• To clean the sound bores of your IEMs, use the supplied ear wax removal tool to remove any debris or ear wax. While doing so, it is recommended that IEMs be held upside down (sound bores pointing towards the floor) as this will help prevent debris from traveling further into the product.