Impressions Instructions

Impressions Instructions



Noble custom in-ear monitors are full shell products. Therefore, a full impression of the ear is required featuring at a minimum the crus of the helix, tragus, and anti-tragus.

The impressions must be taken with a high-viscosity silicone impression material.

Impressions should be taken just past the second bend of the ear canal in the “open mouth” position. In order to accomplish this, a bite block should be used if available throughout the entire impressions process (beginning when the impressions material is injected into the ear and ending after the impressions material has fully hardened).

Your impressions should look similar to the photos below.

The impressions should be mailed to: Noble HiFi, LLC c/o Jim Moulton, 109 State Hwy. 110 S, Whitehouse, Texas 75791  

We recommended that all ear mold impressions are shipped via prepaid traceable courier and are securely packaged in crush proof packaging. Additionally, make sure that your name is on the package so that your impressions can be matched with your order.