TWS Troubleshooting

TWS Troubleshooting

Wireless headphones are great...until they aren't.  Wireless headphones all seem to exhibit certain quirks and hiccups.  While we do our best to minimize such quirks and hiccups, there are limits to technology.  Here are some troubleshooting suggestions for common problems:

The Headphones are not showing up on you device's bluetooth device list.

  • Make sure the LED lights on the earbud are blinking alternately, indicating that they are in pairing mode.  If they are not, it likely means that the earbuds are already paired to another device.  Make sure that the connection to all other devices that have previously paired to the earbuds have been terminated.  
  • If you are sure that they earbuds are not connected to another device, turn your bluetooth off on your device and then turn it back on.  Typically, the earbuds will appear after turning bluetooth back on.  
  • If none of the above solve the problem, try restarting your device and resetting your earbuds by placing them in the case and holding down the reset button until the LEDs indicate that the resetting process has been completed.

Only one side plays.

  • This typically occurs when the earbuds have lost connection with each other.  Such a condition usually results in one side's LED light blinking very rapidly.  While it is counterintuitive, the fix for such a condition is to place the non-blinking earbud in the charging case and reset the non-blinking earbud.  You may have to then place both earbuds in the charging case and then reset both sides at once.

The earbuds are not charging properly.

  • Make sure that the contacts in the charging case and on the earbuds are clean and shiny.

The sound is unbalanced.

  • If the sound is still unbalanced after resetting them, there is likely no DIY fix and you will need to send your TWS in for Warranty repair or replacement, if they are still under warranty.